About Us

Cinched Collections is an apparel line that is specifically curated and designed with curvy women in mind, including sizes S-5X! The styles are added with additional inches for women with prominent bust, thigh, and hip areas. 

There is a large disparity between plus and straight sizes in the market, with most retailers catering to one or the other. This brand is diversified by including sizes S-5XL for curvy women because you can easily be a size 6 or 8 and struggle to find properly fitting clothing. We promote curvaceous bodies as a means to enhance self-esteem in minority women. Curvy women are heavily marketed and well-represented within marketing campaigns as a means to be inclusive!

Minority women in the fashion industry are often subjected to various forms of discrimination and toxicity, from unfair wages to social alienation. The mission from an environmental perspective is to promote equality, reduce burnout rates, and increase cultural acceptance within the workplace. Cinched prides itself in promoting a healthy and inclusive work environment! Many curvy Black and Brown women have hardly ever felt properly represented in the fashion industry. This brand serves as a means to employ and embrace the underserved!

Cinched Collections opens doors by outsourcing and employing people of various backgrounds, especially people of color. Founded in 2019, the clothing is produced in NYC by minority-owned manufacturers and provides employment to many people of color. Cinched Collections strives to empower curvy women and invest in other minority-owned businesses!

Meet the Founder

Ashley, the Owner and Creative Director of Cinched Collections, was inspired to create this clothing line to fill major voids for women of color within the fashion industry. She has studied and worked in fashion merchandising and product development for over a decade. She specializes in retail buying and product development. Ashley has worked as a buyer and merchandiser for various women’s department stores and specialty retailers, including plus-size brands.

While creating this line has been far from easy, it serves a greater purpose by catering to an extremely underserved market.